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Réponse de l'ambassade des Etats Unis (Bucarest) à une Famille Américain

(Toujours à prendre avec précautions, puisque nous ne pouvons vérifier ce type d'information)

The Romanian Government published Emergency Ordinance 121 on October 9, 2001 formally suspending all procedures involving international adoption of Romanian children.

This appears to have the effect of freezing even those cases where the Romanian Adoption Committee (RAC) had approved a repartition for the child prior to December 14, 2000.

The stated purpose of the suspension is to allow the Romanian government time to draft and adopt new legislation to reform the adoption system, and to protect this process from external pressure.

This decision formalized the de facto suspension which had been in effect since the new Romanian government took office in December 2000 and the RAC's decision 55 of June 21, 2001.

We are aware that many are concerned that other countries may be exempted from the suspension.

The United States government has asked the Romanian government what, if any, exceptions exist. Currently, to our knowledge, no exceptions have been made.

We are waiting for further clarification from the Romanian government.

We know that there are disappointed prospective parents whose plans to adopt Romanian children have been adversely affected by this suspension.

We intend to continue our close and frank dialogue with Romanian officials on these issues.

However, fundamental decisions on these issues are the purview of the Romanian government.