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August 31, 2001 - Cotroceni Palace

Notre commentaire:

Ci après un document reçu au format Word, par l'intermédiaire d'un forum américain.
Nous ne pouvons donc confirmer son caractère officiel. Ce document datant du 31/08/2001,
corrobore cependant les informations qui circulent.

Comme d'habitude nous attendons de voir comment cela se passe sur le terrain.
N'hésitez pas à nous transmettre vos informations.

Béatrice & Hervé

Romanian Prime Minister's Political Statement On the Protection of Children in Need and Adoptions

On the 9th of June 2001, the Committee for External Affairs, Human Rights and Common Politics of Security and Defense of the European Parliament approved a number of amendments to the report concerning the admission of Romania to the EU.

It is to be considered as encouraging for our country the fact that the new content of the chapter concerning the situation of the children rights takes account of a number of progresses that were registered in this field, the Romanian Government's commitments taken with respect to the improvement of the living conditions of the children in need, including also the adoption field. The Government is decided to take into consideration very seriously all the aspects mentioned in the report and to apply as soon as possible all the recommendations that have been made.

As stated in the Governance Programme the child protection area is a priority for the Romanian authorities. The Government of Romania has initiated a huge reform process concerning the whole system of child protection, the first measure which was already approved being the Government Strategy in the field of child in need protection.

This strategy mainly states the crucial role played by the family in the child's harmonious development of his personality. According to this strategy the Romanian state has as main responsibility, finding a permanent solution for the child in need care.

A number significant decisions have already been made, meaning that the budget allocations have been substantially increased together with a better system of monitorizing the way these resources are administrated at the local level.

The political commitment of this government will also be reflected into the approval and the application of a coherent and unitary legal framework with respect to child protection, according to the stipulations of the UNO Convention with respect to the child's rights and the Hague Convention on child protection and co-operation in the field of international adoption.

The Child's act project will provide for a coherent legal framework in what the promotion and respect of the children rights are concerned.

New previsions concerning the adoptions were absolutely necessary having in mind that the old system was so much exposed to the abuses. The new regulations will include forming a system that should offer public information with respect to the whole process of international adoptions, including the costs.

Processing the adoption requests should be a procedure that will provide an equal treatment to all adoption petitions. The system will be provided with control mechanisms that will not allow abuses and corruption.

In the same time, the system of registration and accreditations of the private bodies, both national and international, who work in the field of child protection will be based on a number of strict criteria which will verify the full conformity with the provisions of the Romanian legislation.

The institutional order promoted by the Government of Romania as well as the encouragement of the national effort of a responsible involvement in the adoption field, imposed taking some administrative decisions having a temporary character, which were absolutely necessary.

So being, since December 14th, no assignments for the children registered with the Romanian Committee for Adoptions have been issued. Meanwhile, domestic adoption continued, their number practically being double compared to the same period last year.

In the same direction, the Romanian Committee for Adoptions decided on March 22nd , to revoke the points system that was very criticized and represented the criteria on the base of which the assignments were made.

Such a measure was completely justified by the Government's initiatives with respect to eliminate all potential abuses existing in the adoption institutional system, in order to find national solutions for children protection and placement. Such a measure permitted to evaluate the real situation existing within the adoption field in order to stipulate in the new law the most efficient regulations referring to a tighter control over the international adoption procedures together with a better transparency of the whole process.

In order to allow the implementation of the new unitary legislative framework the Government of Romania considered necessary to stop the initiation of new international adoptions.

The Romanian Committee for Adoptions decided on June 21st to suspend for one year time period the registration of new adoptions requests coming from foreign families that want to adopt in Romania.

All international procedures that have begun for the children that were assigned before December 14th will be finalized according to legal previsions.

In the same time, all the adoption requests registered with the Romanian Committee for Adoptions before June, for whom there were no children assigned, will be taken into consideration as soon as the new legal framework will enter to force.

The representatives of the EU countries agreed to all these measures initiated after the moratorium was imposed.

We are determined to bring as soon as possible order in this field of activity, and to reform efficiently the whole system. The progresses will mean better life conditions and education for the institutionalized children, transparency in what their family integration is concerned, a better trained specialists and zero tolerance towards any kind of corruption act in adoption procedures, together with full responsibility after the time the children were reintegrated in their natural families.

We are decided not to delay in any way those progresses. We want to be able to recognize significant improvements together with our international partners, and first of all with the representatives of the EU.

It is unanimously recognized that the adoption procedure serves the best interest of the child by offering him the family environment so necessary for a harmonious development of his personality. In the particular case of the international adoption the Government of Romania will make sure that it will represent a last solution, after all other alternatives of protecting the child on the national level haven't been successful.

The Government of Romania expresses its gratitude towards the technical and financial help offered to Romania by the EU in the field of child protection.

We are totally opened in order to detect, together with the representatives of the European Commission new efficient ways and projects that should bring up the improvement of the children life and the increasing of the role performed by the Civil society in this area.

For this purpose the Government will play an active part in the High Level Group, involving all the responsible factors in the achievement of all common goals in the child protection field.

The Government of Romania takes benefit of the competent assistance offered the Working Group constituted by four international partners of Romania, within child protection field: UNICEF, the EU Commission, USAID/Government of the USA, DFID/Government of UK.

This group has elaborated a number of recommendations concerning the structure of the adoption regulations, as part of the whole child protection system. Nowadays, the Government of Romania carefully analyzes these recommendations trying to implement new forms of co-operation and mutual assistance with other partners that have generously expressed their will to help improving the life conditions of the institutionalized children.

I would appeal to all my friends from the international community, asking them to support us in strengthening the human solidarity towards the children in need.

The Government of Romania is committed to improve all child protection measures, to respect their rights to a decent family life, access to education and benefit of the social solidarity and eliminate all possibilities that will lead to considering the children as subjects of a transaction.

We will include with full transparency the results of this commitment on the agenda of our dialogue with the representatives of the international community.

In the same time all the actions already initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice with respect to corruption and administrative deficiencies will continue.

Romania will take the opportunity of stating again its decision to achieve in the shortest tile possible all the progresses, on the occasion of the New York Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, dedicated to the children.

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