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Nine O' Clock - 10/09/2001

Liberal project on child protection

Yesterday, the representatives of the liberal parliamentary group with the Chamber of Deputies met with the representatives of NGOs, on the occasion of launching the project of the child care program.

PNL President, Valeriu Stoica, specified that the “decentralization of social services and the transfer of most of the decisions to the responsible NGOs is the main idea of the liberal project”.

He added that the sources of revenues have not been “decentralized”, as money for these children has been assigned according to political needs.

PNL leader explained that the liberal program takes into account letting on a lease some social services to NGOs, in a proportion of 60-70%, through a political-private partnership, controlled by the State.

PNL will also have several legislative initiatives, among which changing the Law on the aid granted for children in difficulty and the Law on preventing the abandon.

In order to fight drugs, PNL aims at drafting precise laws on the regime of precursor substances.

Stoica reminded that PNL has already launched the legislative proposal on child care referring to international adoptions, which forbids “the export” of children from Romania abroad.

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