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Nine O' Clock - 03/09/2001
Romanians are supporters of domestic adoptions: IMAS

The Romanian public opinion considers that the adoption performed by Romania - based families is the most important way to protect children who cannot be raised by their natural family, reads a report of IMAS which was presented at the National Consultation on the children rights in Romania.

According to IMAS, the Romanian public opinion showed this year more concern in the children issue compared to last year as its support for the government’s policies in the domain increased.

According to an opinion poll dated June 2001, 96% of the Romanians believe that a child needs a family to lead a normal childhood and 56% believe that a woman can give birth if she is not married.

Most of the Romanians (64%) consider the government should be responsible of the abandoned children. Of the legal means of protection for the abandoned children, 39% of Romanians picked the adoption and 34% the return to the natural family.

Most of the subjects (44%) are fans of the adoption by a Romanian family while only 7% agree with an international adoption.

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