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30 august 2001
ROM -16:52 - RO-INTEGRATION-VISA Bucharest,

Aug 30 /Rompres/ - European Parliament's rapporteur for Romania Baroness Emma Nicholson will ''warmly recommend'' the lifting of visa requirements for the Romanian citizens stressing, however, that a decision to this effect lies with the European Union's Justice Ministers.

This weekend I shall exert all efforts to contact several Justice Ministers, Baroness Nicholson said here on Thursday after meeting Prime Minister Adrian Nastase; she added she would put the necessary pressure for the discussion of this totally unpleasant problem.

The integration process cannot be stopped and Romania is an integral and essential part of this process; the only question is 'when' will Romania unite with the EU, Baroness Nicholson said. She explained that her work with Nastase is to achieve this union as fast as possible and stressed that the report on Romania she is to present to the European Parliament will be a very favourable one.

The European official said she is very much delighted and will very positively report on the progress made in the economy, among which the significant drop in inflation, the serious rise in industrial productivity and the investments that Romania is attracting. She said it is for the first time that Romania has a completely stable government, which was democratically elected and operates in complete transparency.

Should the visa restrictions be lifted, this will be because the laws and the major decisions were made here, Nicholson said.

Another topic of her talks with Nastase was continued co-financing of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, deemed one of the world's safest.

Nicholson, in reference to international child adoptions, recommended that each of the 5,000 cases that were undergoing procedures at the moment when Romania decided to suspend foreign adoptions be examined separately and stressed that the U.N. Convention recommends international adoptions only if domestic means are finished...and in french......... ''Un enfant provient d'un certain milieu culturel, il a une langue maternelle, une religion, ce qui fait qu'une famille locale soit meilleure qu'une famille étrangere'', a précisé Mme Emma Nicholson.
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